The world has been shaken by the COVID-19 outbreak. It has had an impact on every aspect of our day to day lives. For businesses, working remotely has become the norm and for students, online learning is becoming a reality. However, despite this, many still have challenges adapting to this new way of life. In this hackathon, we seek to find solutions to the new challenges facing our society in this new world.

#Code Challenge With the COVID-19 pandemic placing people in self-isolation and working from home, identify a challenge that could be eliviated with technology and build out a solution that serves this need.

This challenge is due at 0900hrs EAT on 10th April 2020

Public Voting ends on 17th April 2020

Winners will be announced on 20th April 2020 at 1100hrs EAT

Terms and Conditions
We will be having Bi-weekly Hackathons. You can participate on as many challenges as you wish:

  • Do not share any code that you cannot opensource on the Git Repository as its open source, Decoded and Africa's Talking will not be liable for any breach of intellectual property (if any) once shared on the platform.
  • Code Challenges are time bound - the time restriction is specified on the challenge
  • Additional rules MAY be provided on the code challenge and will vary for each challenge
  • You are free to use your tools of choice as long as they fall under the rules of the challenge. Find the rules here

Working on the Code Challenge
1.Fork the code challenge repository provided.

2.Make a topic branch. In your github form, keep the master branch clean. When you create a branch, it essentially will be a copy of the master.

>Pull all changes, make sure your repository is up to date

$ cd COVID_Challenge
$ git pull origin master

>Create a new branch as follows-> git checkout -b [your name], e.g.

$ git checkout -b anthonylimo master

>See all branches created

$ git branch
* anthonylimo

>Push the new branch to github

$ git push origin -u anthonylimo

3.Make changes to the fork following the Code Challenge provided.

4.Commit the changes to your fork.

5.Make a pull request to the COVID_Challenge Repo.

Get Support from Africa's Talking and Decoded
In case you have any questions, reach out to our team( or the Decoded Hacks Slack channel

Submissions later than 0900hrs EAT on 10th April 2020 will not be considered


You can participate on as many challenges as you wish


  • Use Africa's Talking APIs
  • Comment your code to show your thought process
  • Create a README file that explains your solution
  • You can submit this as a file in your pull request named "challenge 1"
  • Submit your project here on Devpost before the deadline and be sure to answer all of the questions on the submission form.
  • Upload a video walk-through your solutino via YouTube or Vimeo, and include the link on your Devpost page for your project.By submitting a video, you are acknowledging that these materials may be used to promote the hackathon anywhere in the world, without extra obligation to you.Videos should be a maximum of 2 minutes long. Only the first two minutes of each video will be evaluated.
  • Please ensure that the GitHub or other code repo link is publicly shareable so judges can access your project

Hackathon Sponsors


Social Impact

Awarded to most perceived Social Impact achieved during the COVID-19 Crisis.

People's Category

This will be awarded to the best team voted for by the public.


This is awarded to the hack that was selected by the Judges as being the best!

Honorable Mention (3)

This is a awarded to the hacks that according to the Judges deserve an honorable mention!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Salma Nyagaka
Community Manager

Anthony Limo

Max Musau

Judging Criteria

  • Judging Criteria
    Quality and innovative nature of the idea/demo,technologies and tools used,design,completion of project and deployment. *The contest winners will be selected by a panel of judges.
  • Twelve-factor app :
    The twelve-factor methodology can be applied to apps written in any programming language, and which use any combination of backing services (database, queue, memory cache, etc).

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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